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I am one man army developer whose goal is to bring the most addictive games to your android device.


Jumpy Knight

Available for FREE on Google Play!

Jumpy Knight is a free 2D pixel runner game where you are constantly on the move. Run and jump over the enemies while collecting gold and treasure chests to unlock new faster characters which can jump higher. There is always a gold coin somewhere on the map to be collected. The chest spawns every 30 seconds after pickup. The goal is to survive as long as possible and watch your score rise.

The evil dark knights have invaded the kingdom after 300 years. They have already conquered dozens of other kingdoms. You and the other brave knights met them in the open field to protect your king and the castle but you were outnumbered ten to one! You are the last knight standing! Unfotunately you have lost your sword in the battle. All you can do now is to become a jumpy knight and jump over your enemies to ensure your SURVIVAL!
Oh and dont forget to pick up all the gold and treasure on your way!

-AWESOME 8 bit retro sound and pixel graphics!
-6 unique jumpy knights! Knights get faster and can jump higher!
-Collect coins and treasure chests to unlock a new jumpy knight!
-Easy to learn controlls!
-High score system – are you the jumpyest knight? Survive longer than your friends!
-Relaxing pixel medieval music
-Free pixel runner survival game experience
-Pause menu


Dragon Dungeon

Available for FREE on Google Play!

Explore the depths of the dragon dungeon in this free addictive dungeon runner game!
You start the journey at the enterance of the dragon dungeon and proceed deeper and deeper in the dungeon while you play. At the first stage you are a lonely wanderer searching for gold, glory and fame, later you become a wise wizard, hungry werewolf and a mighty dragon! Your goal is to pick up as many gold coins and gems as possible! Watch out for the falling swords which become faster every stage! How much coins and gems can you collect before you get crushed?!

-Hold the screen to move right and release it to go left
-Collect coins which give you 20 points
-Collect gems which give you 50 points and make your playing field bigger again
-Avoid swords which will make your playing field smaller
-Every 1000 score the theme changes
-If your playing field is small enough that you can’t move, YOU LOSE!

-AWESOME 8 bit retro sound and pixel graphics!
-4 unique stages
-Collect coins and gems to raise your score
-Easy to learn controlls!
-High score system
-Relaxing pixel dungeon music
-Free pixel endless runner survival game experience


Feeding Ducks

Available for FREE on Google Play!

Have you ever wanted to become a duck? Swim around the lake eating fish and bread while dodging the bullets? No? Well, why not give it a try anyway?

Feeding Ducks is a very addictive FREE endless runner game which will make your waiting lines much shorter. If you like the type of games that make your time run faster in school or at work, than this is the game for you.

-Pick up as many fish and bread as you can, but beware of the bullets which will make you
restart the game. The fish is worth 30 points and the bread is worth 10 points.
-Hold your finger on the screen to move down and release it to go up.
-Every 500 score the speed of bullets increases so watch out!

How far can you make it?!


Flappy Falcon

Avaiable for FREE on Google Play!

Fly through endless space with the Flappy Falcon spaceship from the Galaxy Wars in this FREE addictive arcade game! Evade the obstacles, while listening to cool Imperial march dubstep remix! Every time you start a new game you find yourself on a different planet with different theme. The Flappy Falcon game is fun and easy to play. How far can you make it in the Galaxy Wars?

-Tap the screen to controll the Flappy Falcon spaceship
-Don’t crash the Flappy Falcon into the pipes or on the ground
-Get as many points as possible

-Beautyful retro style graphics
-Easy to learn controlls!
-High score system
-Awesome Imperial march dubstep remix
-Free endless pixel runner game experience